Offices / Classrooms

Afritainer office units enable corporates and construction / industrial working sites to erect an instant office, which can be moved, where required, should the site work progress or end. No resources are wasted on building a site office. An Afritainer office also serves the purpose much better than the traditionally used shipping container.

Afritainer units as classrooms offer schools, NGOs and training facilities the opportunity to instantly erect a learning space – saving on valuable funds and time.

Spaces can be open plan or sectioned, and can be with or without direct access to a toilet. Multiple units can be combined to create an office complex or entire school, to include a kitchen, boardroom and ablution facilities.

Office and classroom units are fully fitted with electrical distribution board, plugs, switches, lights, and appropriate flooring.

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Interested In

Single Room Open Plan (SU101)

Double Room (SU102)

Single Room with Bathroom (SU103)

Double Room with Bathroom (SU104)

Double Room with Bathroom (SU105)

Seperate Male / Female Toilets (SU106)

Male Toilets (SU107)

Unisex Toilets & Showers (SU108)

Male Urinals & Showers (SU109)

Double Size Office / Classroom (SU110)

Double Size Two Bedroom House (SU111)

Double Size Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom House (SU112)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit with Seperate Room & Toilet (SU113)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit with Seperate Room (SU114)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit (SU115)

Quadruple Size Office / Classroom Unit (SU116)