Afritainer units are delivered internationally, positioned by our team on your site, exactly where you need them, so no further transport is required. Collections are also welcome.

We keep stock at our head office in George and can deliver standard units within ten days. When a client requires a custom unit, special finishing or extras, or the unit is out of stock, the import and delivery time amounts to up to approximately 60 days.

Due to our Valley Container trucks being equipped to transport containers, and Afritainer units measuring the same size, we can keep delivery cost low and transport up to four units per truck.

Frequently asked questions

What is the quickest you can deliver?

For urgent orders of standard units (of available stock), we can push delivery to under a week.

How long will I wait if I need a custom unit?

Custom orders, depending on whether we can customise a standard unit here or need to import a special design, can take up to 60 days to be delivered.

How far do you deliver?

We deliver to wherever you need our products – internationally.

Where do the units come from?

We import the flat-packed, fully fitted units and deliver them from our head office in George, South Africa.

How can we help?

We’re sure you’ll have some questions. But, we’re also sure that we’ll be able to help you with the answers. Our service offering is so wide, that we can customise a solution to suit your needs.

Interested In

Single Room Open Plan (SU101)

Double Room (SU102)

Single Room with Bathroom (SU103)

Double Room with Bathroom (SU104)

Double Room with Bathroom (SU105)

Seperate Male / Female Toilets (SU106)

Male Toilets (SU107)

Unisex Toilets & Showers (SU108)

Male Urinals & Showers (SU109)

Double Size Office / Classroom (SU110)

Double Size Two Bedroom House (SU111)

Double Size Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom House (SU112)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit with Seperate Room & Toilet (SU113)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit with Seperate Room (SU114)

Double Size Office / Classroom Unit (SU115)

Quadruple Size Office / Classroom Unit (SU116)