Who we are

We are reliable

Reliability is at the foundation of both our business and our products. Our customers need to be able to rely equally on both, so that they can give all of their attention to creating their vision.

We are visionary

We don’t sell flat-pack containers. We sell building blocks for building a better future, faster. It’s a vision we share with our clients as much as we encourage them to share their visions with us.

We are efficient

The future won’t wait, so informed and decisive action is required of everything that we do. E-mails are sent, calls are returned, reports are filed – promptly. We exist to get those containers on-site.

We are imaginative

We don’t trade in metal boxes. We trade in what comes to life in the spaces those boxes create. We’re all about the people, the purpose, and the quality of service – not just the product.

We are dauntless

Helping to build the future is a tall order. We’re up to the task. No project is too big or too small. We take it all in our stride with courage, spirit, and steely inspiring confidence.

We are anticipative

We are always looking ahead, continuously gaining knowledge to better understand what our clients will need. We are proactive, as opposed to reactive, thanks to disciplined planning and preparation.

We are ambitious

We don’t think what we do is as simple as supplying a product. Our strong desire for success shines through our hard work and determination. We don’t compare with others, just ourselves.

We are collaborative

We work with different partners and stakeholders on different initiatives, and we do so by joyfully involving ourselves in the processes. Teamwork is critical to building a better future faster.

We are charismatic

We strive to attract, influence, and inspire everyone around us – be they colleagues, collaborators, or customers. This makes us influential and sets us apart as a leader.

We are passionate

Our containers might be hard, cold metal – but we’re also emotionally invested in the difference we are making in the lives of people. Passion is our energy to make it happen.

We have been passionate about the flexibility and versatility of marine shipping containers for decades. Not only are they strong and durable, but chromadec panelled containers are also an affordable alternative to traditional building methods, in terms of erecting a secure structure – especially where there’s time constraints.


Under the Valley Containers brand, we have been leasing and selling storage, office, sleeper, freezer, and refrigeration containers across South Africa, as well as selling new and used containers to corporations and the public for almost twenty years.


The market for more customised, fully fitted units drove us to expand our space solution offering – resulting in the Afritainer brand.


Afritainer units are similar to containers in size and functionality, but are delivered to clients as flat-packed (folded) modules, which can be assembled in minutes. These units are fully fitted and completely finished – allowing for an instant structure, whether as an accommodation or ablution unit, office, classroom, clinic, or kiosk. They are popular on construction and industrial sites or where a mobile / temporary structure is required.


Where clients require an instant home, we offer a similar, extended solution under the Habitus brand. Our Habitus homes are delivered fully fitted – like a complete pop-up house.


Under one management umbrella Afritainer, Valley Containers and Habitus offer clients superb service and many years of expertise – regardless of their instant structural needs. Our industry relationships are as solid as our reputation. Our products are of great quality and our delivery is always on time and within budget.

With Afritainer, our mission is to turn more structural possibilities into realities - A building block for the future.

Our brand story

We march ceaselessly and inescapably forward into the future.

Our combined destiny will be shaped by the dreamers and visionaries who see the challenges we face today and find the solutions we can use today, and tomorrow. But the idealists never do it on dreams alone. The imagination can only do so much. They need partners, craftsmen, and believers to make it a reality.

Afritainer is that ally.

We have a kind of sight too. We’re grounded in practicality, but believe there is always a way. We find the means of bringing the impossible into being. We embrace the new and with wisdom and skill provide the spaces where the future will be shaped and decided. We build the mechanisms for great endeavours to take place.

Where the doubter will scoff, the self-serving and greedy will try to exploit, we are the honest, trustworthy counsel.

Our purpose is noble. We are building a better future.

Where ‘they’ see problems, we look for solutions. Were ‘they’ see one way, we look for better ways.

The future-makers have a home with Afritainer.